waiting list   How To Get On The Waiting List   waiting list


~ Step 1 ~

Fill out an application


~ Step 2 ~

Once the application has been submitted, I will look it over and get back to you within 48 hours, if you have not heard from me in within 48 hours then please email again.


~ Step 3 ~

After I look over the application I will notify you if you can send in a deposit. I require a non-refundable deposit of $250 to hold your spot on the waiting list. The deposit is not refundable but can be transferred to a future litter.


Paw print other direction   Choosing Your Puppy    Paw print


Puppies are chosen in order that deposits are received. The process of picking your puppy starts when the puppies reach 6 to 7 weeks of age. I take preferences into account and will help guide you to which puppy will work best for your lifestyle. It is very important to me that you choose a puppy that matches you and what you are looking for in the best possible way.


For the health and wellbeing of our puppies, we do not allow visitations prior to puppies going to their new homes.  Our puppies and adult dogs are of the upmost importance to use and while we would love for you to visit and choose your puppy in person, it compromises the puppies health and is to big of a risk.


Why do we have the no visitation policy in place?  Recently, we have had an overwhelming amount of puppies that have been dropped during visitations and we also had a dangerous virus that was brought into our home during a visitation that risked the lives of our puppies.  We love our puppies and would love to share how wonderful our puppies are and accommodate visits but due to past events we simply can no longer allow it.


How will you choose your puppy?  Puppy selections are made through pictures and/or videos that I send to you for the five to six weeks leading up to puppy selection.  When it comes to your turn to choose we can either do a FaceTime appointment with the puppies or a phone call where I will explain each puppy's disposition and unique characteristics.



Paw print other direction   Policies   Paw print



Paw printDeposits are not transferable from person to person


Paw printDeposits are not refundable but are transferrable to future litters as long as correct procedure is taken (please refer to procedure below)


Paw printThe final balance of the puppy, and any other payments such as shipping, is due when the puppy is 5 weeks old. If paying in cash, the final balance can be paid at 8 weeks or when the puppy is picked up but buyer must indicate to Once Upon A Doodle which method of payment is to be used


Paw print If payment has not been received by 8 weeks, the deposit will be forfeited and the puppy will become available again


Paw print Puppy must be picked up by 8 weeks of age or on the designated puppy pick up day or a daily fee of $25 will be incurred for care of the puppy


Paw print Puppy must be paid for in full before going to new home


Paw printPlease give Once Upon A Doodle one week to determine if there are enough puppies in the litter for everyone on the wait list


Paw print Once Upon A Doodle strives to accommodate everyone but please understand that the gender, size, color, along with litter size are out of our control. We do our best to give estimates but nothing is ever guaranteed



Paw print Of course, we want the best fit for our puppies and your family and occasionally, we may need to forgo immediate placement of a puppy if we feel there is not a good match for you in the current litter. On the other hand, if the timing isn’t right for you and your situation, you may request your deposit be moved to a subsequent litter (as long as transfer procedure is followed.  See below).  Once Upon A Doodle reserves the right to decide to refund your deposit , thereby ending the breeder/buyer relationship, if for any reason we feel that the transaction is not in the best interest of the puppy. Once Upon A Doodle reserves the right to select any puppy from any litter for its breeding program; as such, not all puppies in a litter will be available as pet puppies


Paw print From time to time, Mother Nature does not cooperate with our plans; sometimes breeding is unsuccessful and no litter is born. If the litter of your choice does not arrive, your deposit will be moved to the next litter of that size, type and color variety


Paw printWe love our puppies even after they have gone to their new families. We require first rights to purchase a dog back if for some reason you are unable to keep the dog. Please note that you are purchasing a pet puppy only. No breeding rights or permissions are conveyed or implied


Paw print   Transfer Procedure: Once you have been notified that there is a puppy available for you in the litter you have 72 hours to contact Once Upon A Doodle to ask to be transferred to the next litter if you do not want a puppy from the current litter.  Deposits are not transferable to a different litter after 72 hours and if you would like to be transferred to a different litter your initial deposit will be forfeited and you will have to pay a new $250 non-refundable deposit


By placing a deposit with Once Upon A Doodle you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions and are in agreement with all terms and conditions herein



Paw print other direction  The most important thing is to love your new Doodle! Welcome to the Once Upon A Doodle family  Paw print