~ Bringing Your New Puppy Home ~

What if you don’t live close by and can’t come pick up your puppy at our home? No worries, I have a few different options to help get your new furry family member to his or her new home. Below, you will find the transportation options.  For the health and safety of our puppies, we do not ship puppies via air cargo.





Drop Off

If you would like to come and pick up your puppy in person and fly back with him/her, then this is the transportation option for you! I will meet you down at Denver International Airport with your new puppy and all that you need to fly back with your new pal. This option is $250 and includes a brand new Sherpa travel crate, one extra toy, one extra chew, and a portable water / food dish. Airfare for the puppy is not included (the puppy’s airfare can be booked when you book your returning flight).






Hand Delivery

If you dont have time to come pick your new puppy up then hand delivery is available at one of your nearest airports. This option is only available on an EXTREMELY LIMITED basis.  The cost for hand delivery starts at $800+.