Love is a four legged word

All of our studs are available for stud service to approved and reputable breeders.  They are available for live cover or fresh chilled shipped semen.  Three live puppy litter guarantee!  These studs do not disappoint.  They are each phenomenal because here at Once Upon A Doodle we only breed the best!  For more information on stud service then please email for more info –









PennHip: .35 and .36

OFA Hips: Good

OFA Elbows:Normal

OFA Eyes: Normal / Clear

OFA Patellas: Normal

PawPrint Genetics Poodle Panel: Clear

Size: Mini Poodle

Color: Cream and White Parti Color


Oh, Rocket!  There are not enough words to explain this dog!  If you meet him you will probably find that he is the funniest and quirkiest dog that you have ever met.  A complete sap and lover but also a naughty little stinker!  Smart is an understatement and he always seems to find a way to get away with things.  But with that face, he can get away with almost anything… oh, dear!





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OFA Hips: Good

PennHip: 80th Percentile

OFA Elbows: Normal

OFA Eyes: Normal / Clear

Size: Mini Poodle

Color: Black and White Parti



I am thrilled about Mr. Gucci!  Gucci is a stunning black and white parti Poodle that has great genetics behind him.  He is a total ham and thinks he is much bigger than he is!  




Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 8.41.38 PM

OFA Hips: Good

PennHip: DI .17 and .28

OFA Elbows: Normal

OFA Eyes: Normal

OFA Patellas: Normal

BAER: Normal

PawPrint Genetics Old English Sheepdog Panel: DM, MDR1, PCD – Clear.  EIC – Carrier

Size: 65 lbs

Color: Gray / Blue and white with blue eyes



Toby is a very loving, sweet, and easy going.  He loves to play but is also a total couch potato!  His baby blue eyes are incredible.  Toby is the sire to our Old English Sheepdog puppies that we will have the occasional litter of so that we can keep our own Old English Sheepdog girls to breed for mini Sheepadoodles! 




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OFA Hips: Good

OFA Elbows:Normal

OFA Eyes: Normal / Clear

PRA: Clear

NE: Clear

vWD: Clear

Size: Standard Poodle

Color: Red Abstract (Parti Factored)


Nicolo, Nico for short,is a stunning dark red abstract Poodle! He loves to please and has a noble and mellow disposition. Nico has brilliant white markings on his face, feet, and chest. This boy makes friends wherever he goes! Everyone absolutely adores his lavish color and sweet personality… his puppies will are excellent!






OFA Hips: Good

PennHip: 40th Percentile

OFA Elbows: Normal

OFA Eyes: Normal / Clear

PawPrint Genetics Standard Poodle Panel: Clear

Size: Standard Poodle

Color: Parti Factored Brindle



Etzio is… GORGEOUS! This boy is drop dead gorgeous and is a beautiful parti factored brindle standard Poodle.  He does not disappoint with his beautiful tiger striping, lovely disposition, and great genetics!