~ Currently seeking a guardian homes for Old English Sheepdog puppies ~



Here at Once Upon A Doodle, we take pride in how our dogs are cared for and believe that our dogs should have a chance to bless someones life as a family member, therapy or service dog even when they are used in a breeding program.  Once Upon A Doodle has implemented the Guardian Home Program which allows for all of our breeding dogs to live as a beloved family member as our dogs do in our own home.



So, what’s the scoop and how does it work?  You get the best puppy in the litter that Once Upon A Doodle has pre-selected.  The guardian dog is fully health tested (at Once Upon A Doodle’s cost) and all breeding related costs are covered by Once Upon A Doodle, including the spay or neuter when the guardian dog retires!   Sires will come to our house for a few days to breed with a female whenever we need him.  Momma dogs are typically bred once a year for four years.  She will come to my house for a week to be bred and after she is bred she will go back to her guardian home during the pregnancy.  A week before she is due to have her puppies she will come back to Once Upon a Doodle and raise her puppies.  On average, she will be gone around 7 – 8 weeks per year.


Guardian home dogs have a $500 adoption fee. The full adoption fee is refunded after the dog’s first litter.


Being a guardian for Once Upon A Doodle is an excellent way to have a top quality dog for your pet dog. There are many wonderful benefits to being in our Guardian Home Program:

Paw print other directionYour dog will be health tested by Once Upon A Doodle

Paw print other directionThe dogs are well socialized and are in good home

Paw print other directionGuardian Families get to enjoy seeing the offspring of their own Guardian dog

Paw print other directionGuardian Families can schedule trips during births


What are the qualifications to be in this great program?

Paw print other directionYou must live within 150 miles of Once Upon A Doodle

Paw print other directionA Physical fence must be provided to ensure a secure and safe environment

Paw print other directionHave a schedule that does not allow for your dogs to be left alone for extended periods

Paw print other directionYou must provide the dogs with basic obedience

Paw print other directionKeep your guardian dog up to date on vaccinations and grooming

Paw print other directionMust be willing to bring the guardian dog to us when needed

Paw print other directionNotify us when the female goes into season

Paw print other directionMust not allow the female to be around intact males during her season

Paw print other directionMust not allow the male to breed with other females



To be considered for our guardian home program, then please fill out the guardian home application

~ Guardian Home Application ~