~ Once Upon A Doodle no longer raises Flandoodles.  Please visit www.Doodlesofjoy.com if you are interested in a Flandoodle ~




flandoodles, flandoodle, bouvapoo, bouvipoo, once upon a doodle
flandoodles, flandoodle, bouvapoo, bouvipoo, once upon a doodle
flandoodles, flandoodle, bouvapoo, bouvipoo, once upon a doodle




The Flandoodle are a cross between a Bouvier Des Flandres and a Poodle. The Bouvier and Poodle are wonderful family dogs and companions. Flandoodles are very loving, loyal, and smart dogs. They are excellent companions and love attention. Although the Flandoodle is not well known, they have a beautiful look that makes them resemble big teddy bears.  They  are very sweet by nature. Once they get attached to their companion or family then there is nothing that can separate them.




Because the Flandoodle is a new and unique hybrid, there are several names that people call them. Some of those names include, but are not limited to, Bouvadoodle, Bouvipoo, Bouvapoo, or the Pouvier. The most common name for them is Flandoodle.




Because neither the Bouvier Des Flandres or Poodles shed, Flandoodles carry this trait as well. Although no dog is considered 100% hypo-allergenic, Flandoodles are considered very allergy friendly and usually do not pose allergy problems. The different coat types include a straight / loose wavy coat and a wavy / curly type coat.  Depending on whether the Flandoodle has more Poodle or Bouvier characteristics, they can either be lean and agile or stout and stocky.



These gorgeous dogs come in an assortment of colors depending on what the colors of the parents are. I specialize in colors such as red / fawn, brindle, and black.   Other colors that Flandoodles can come in include chocolate, cream, white, phantom, and parti (two colors) colors.



Because both the Bouvier Des Flandres and Poodle tend to be large breeds, Flandoodles tend to be as well. Flandoodle size ranges from 50 – 120 + lbs. My Flandoodles usually mature to 55 – 85 lbs and 24 – 31″ at the shoulder. Because mature size is so hard to tell in puppies, I will estimate but no size is guaranteed.