~ What to look for in a breeder ~



Sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to choose where to get your new family member from.   It is very important that you make sure that you do your research prior to getting a puppy.  So what should you look for in a reputable dog breeder and what questions should you be asking?



Parent dogs-


  • ~ Are the Parent dogs health tested?  If so, are the results available?  It is common for people to claim that they health test but they won’t actually tell you the results because people will breed dogs that failed health testing.

  • ~ How do the parent dogs live?   Are they in kennels their entire lives?

  • ~ What are the dispositions of the parents?

  • ~ If the parents are purebred are they registered?  Were the parents purchased from reputable breeders or a backyard “breader”?


Puppies –


  • ~ Are the puppies socialized? If so, what kind of socialization does the puppy get prior to going home?

  • ~ Is the puppy seen by a licensed veterinarian before they go home?

  • ~ Is the puppy up to date on all vet work (vaccines and deworming) prior to going home?

  • ~ What kind of grooming techniques has the puppy been exposed to?

    ~ Does The puppy come with a 2 year health guarantee?

    ~ At what age does the puppy go home?  (No puppy should go home prior to 8 weeks)



Breeder –


  • ~ Is the breeder knowledgable about the breed that they are breeding?

  • ~ Does the breeder require an application?

  • ~ Does the breeder answer your questions or avoid your questions?

  • ~ Is the breeder honest about traits of their dogs (coat types and shedding, health problems, etc)?  Or are they sugar coating things so that they can easily sell puppies?

  • ~ Does the breeder specialize in one or two breeds or multiple different breeds?

  • ~ What is the breeder’s return policy?